25mm Turf

Benefits of Installing 25mm Turf in Abu Dhabi

Our 25mm turf in Abu Dhabi is part of our super soft, luxury collection and is tactile which makes it perfect for landscaping, gardens and even terraces. The color range of 25mm turf consist of two-tone mix of conifer green blades with a green and brown curled root system that gives it more realistic look.

Presentable and lush looking 25mm turf in Abu Dhabi

Gone are the days of artificial grass being an obvious eyesore, with blades of grass having differing greens and yellows woven in. Industry advancements and continuous innovation have led to hugely increased quality of artificial turf. Our range of 25mm turf in Abu Dhabi imitates the look of natural grass so much that it is hard to distinguish. With vibrant lush green colors, it also comes in variety of shades to give your lawn a more realistic look. To check out our collection of 25mm turf you can browse or e-store or get in touch with us to receive a free sample.

Maintenance free and user friendly 25mm turf

When it comes to maintenance, 25mm turf requires little to no maintenance, but if you are a clean freak occasional sweeping or a water hose would be enough to do the trick. Other than being low maintenance, our 25mm turf in Abu Dhabi is also very user friendly, it’s completely safe and more hygienic than natural grass. So, you need not to worry about your kids taking germs from playing in the garden or your pet bringing mud inside. The best part is that 25mm turf is non-toxic and flame retardant and this feature is found in our entire product line of artificial turfs regardless of the pile length.

High reputation of our 25mm turf

We pride ourselves on supplying the best quality of 25mm turf in Abu Dhabi. It has been the quality of our products that we have delivered consistently to achieve an incredible reputation among our customers. We supply only the finest cuts of 25mm turf and other piles to both domestic and commercial clients, so whether you’re needing a school playground, garden or front lawn, we’ve got the right type for you.

With decades of experience dealing with different length and piles of artificial turf including 25mm turf, we love to share our experience with our customers. We promise to match any quotes lower than ours because we believe that lower price should never be equal to poor knowledge, so take advantage of our expertise and receive a like-for-like quote for the best quality of 25mm turf in Abu Dhabi.

Our customer care services


  • Free Samples – We understand that making the choice from online pictures can be difficult and it’s also not easy to take time out of your busy schedule to do a market survey. So, we send you free samples of 25mm turf in Abu Dhabi and allow you to select your preferences from the comfort of your own home.
  • Delivery UAE wide – We aim to have 25mm turf delivered to you within 2-3 working days so you can get back to the more important stuff in your life. You can even opt for same day delivery if you need to. No matter where you are located in Dubai, we will dispatch your 25mm turf to your doorstep.
  • Free assistance – Other than sample and delivery we also offer you free assistance 7 days a week. Whatever is your concern, we are happy to hear from you, you can get in touch with us through the following details. We are always looking forward to hear from you!

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