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Custom Sofa

Customized Sofa for your Customized Needs!

Though, we have hundreds of sofa types, but we understand that sometimes it’s just not quite right for you. Perhaps, you are after an exact color or maybe you have got strict size specifications to fit in your apartment or maybe you simply want something as unique as your family. After all, new furniture is a huge commitment and it’s something that you’ll want to enjoy for years to come. That’s why we offer you bespoke services so you can have a Customized Sofa.

We give you plenty of options to choose from such as,

  • Overall width
  • Seat height
  • Seat depth
  • Back height
  • Design and details
  • Choice of hundreds of sofa legs
  • Accessories
  • Fabrics Sizes

No matter if you need a longer leg on your Customized Sofa or a wider and deeper area for your whole family to jump on and rest their weary legs. We’ve got you covered with our Customized Sofas.

Why Choose Our Customized Sofas ?

High quality

If you are getting a Customized Sofa from us, the last thing you need to worry about is the quality because we never compromise on the quality of our products. Each item of our product line undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it meets the high standards that our customers expect from us. We manufacture every Customized Sofa from the premium leather hides or one of our quality fabric ranges.

The comfiest customized sofa

The comfort of Customized Sofa can never match that of some standard designed sofa. The coziness is simply incomparable to other sofas or couch. You can choose the type and amount of polyester or springs that play an important role in making your Customized Sofa more comfy. However, if you are having trouble in deciding, you can get some ideas from out stacks of sofas styles. We have range of designs from traditional and retro to some contemporary designs as well.

Variety of options

We stock oodles of different colors, so you can mix and match your Customized Sofa with the rest of your home décor. And when it comes to fabrics, we have got hundreds upon hundreds of swatch samples that range from velvets to leathers to stripes to fabric to plain to print. Simply ask for our free swatch service from our sales department and your wish is our command!

Affordable and budget friendly 

Quantity, quality and competitive prices – we have it all for our customer! So, don’t worry about going out of your budget while choosing a Customized Sofa In Abu Dhabi. We assure you just like the rest of our products, the Customized Sofas are also light on your pocket, in fact your wallet will actually thank you!

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