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PVC Folding Doors – An Innovative and Eco-friendly Choice!

If you fall into the category of people who are looking for innovative and eco-friendly ways to separate different areas of your home or office, then you should check out our new collection of PVC Folding Doors in Abu Dhabi. We have a range of incredibly attractive, durable, and sturdy PVC Folding Doors. You can also check our PVC Folding Doors online through our e-store or visit our showroom. However, here’s a small guide to give you some overview of our PVC Folding Doors.

Our variety of PVC Folding Doors in Abu Dhabi

We manufacture PVC Folding Doors using the highest quality PVC, which is also known as the rigid form of plastic.  We have different options available, you can either choose an entire door made from PVC or just a PVC frame that holds the glass panels in their respective place. We also have different glazing options available in our PVC Folding Doors that are single, double and triple.

We also offer customized PVC Folding Doors that are designed and manufactured in accordance to your color, size and material preferences. To get more information about our bespoke services you can get in touch with our representative and our engineers will visit your site to get the accurate measurements for your new PVC Folding Doors in Abu Dhabi.

Why Choose PVC Folding Doors in Abu Dhabi?


  • PVC Folding Doors are practically maintenance free, no paint, seal or extra cleaning procedures are required to up keep with their maintenance.
  • Not only these are fire resistant but can also stand against harsh weather conditions.
  • PVC Folding Doors in Abu Dhabi are eco-friendly as well as cost effective due to their recyclable properties.
  • You can browse our PVC Folding Doors online to see their classic and timeless look that compliment any style of home.

Maintenance of PVC Folding Doors in Abu Dhabi

There is a misconception regarding the maintenance of PVC Folding Doors in Abu Dhabi that they require too much care but reality is exact opposite of this. PVC Folding Doors are entirely maintenance free due to their materials even if you are a clean freak, cleaning them once or twice a year would be more than enough. And while cleaning it doesn’t require you to spend extra money on cleaning products, a damp cloth or sponge will be enough to get the job done. Just make sure you don’t use any scraper or sharp material while cleaning as it may damage the upper layer.

Our services regarding PVC Folding Doors

If you have any further queries, you can get in touch with us anytime you want or you can check out our PVC folding door online. We also offer our customer the following services;

  • Free sample without any obligation to buy.
  • Customization of PVC Folding Doors through our bespoke services.
  • Free assistance throughout the process.
  • Door step delivery on the day of purchase without any additional cost.
  • Professional installation services.

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