Self Leveling

Self Leveling

Self Leveling – leveling floors

Self Leveling Abu Dhabi is a polymer modified high performance concrete that have the ability to flow, compact and provide a levelled surface when poured over an area. Self Leveling Abu Dhabi does not require separate vibration or compaction as required by normal concrete construction.

Properties Self Leveling concrete has

Self Leveling concrete is designed such a way that the following properties are attained:

  • Low Plastic Viscosity
  • High Flow ability
  • Low segregation
  • Low Bleeding
  • Stability

The low plastic property of Self Leveling increase the flow ability properties which imparts the Self Leveling property. The balance and proportion of the above-mentioned properties in mix design helps to design the desired Self Leveling concrete.

Self Leveling Abu Dhabi has flow ability

High-homogeneity is received by Self Leveling Abu Dhabi with its self-levelling and consolidating property. The flow ability properties of Self Leveling Abu Dhabi is greater when compared with self-compacting concrete. This increase in flow ability is one reason to obtain good finish in final hardened Self Leveling Abu Dhabi.

Advantages of Self Leveling Abu Dhabi

The major advantages of Self Leveling Abu Dhabi are:

  • Ease of Application
  • Less labor required
  • Levelled and smooth surface is obtained
  • Water Resistant surface is obtained
  • Resist growth of microorganisms
  • Best choice of heavily reinforced concrete construction
  • Hardening of concrete is taking place in a homogeneous way
  • Best option where formwork is arranged in unusual geometry
  • Compressive strength higher than traditional concrete is obtained
  • Self Leveling Abu Dhabi gives flat and smooth concrete surface
  • Self Leveling Abu Dhabi give cohesive concrete that resist bleeding and segregation.

Why choose us? 

Compared to other floorings, buying from is one of the most affordable. Like most flooring applications, self-leveling will be measured per square foot. Still, its cost is hard to beat, not to mention the aesthetics that looks more expensive than its actual price.

This is perfect for small businesses that are still establishing their reputation in the industry. In fact, even industrial self-leveling cost is easy on the pocket.

Our customers have full control over the color of the flooring you like. From plain white to yellow or red, epoxy flooring makes it possible. Aside from that, the contractor can arrange patterns to add designs to your commercial establishment.

With the renaissance and prosperity of UAE, and with the typical improvement witnessed, decided to participate in the progress of our country and to speed up the development of it, we have been one of the most important companies specialized in the field of insulation. We a team of professionals in the field of self-leveling. Our Company was established proposex its qualified services in the field of self-leveling and waterproofing according to the most recent technology and using the newest apparatus and exclusive machines, which make our job free of dust by using dust removal technology and permit us to offer high precision and qualified superiority of customer expectations.

We have been immersed in the realm of presenting to our clients an extensive variety of products.

Following are the reasons for our success:

  • Prompt delivery of order
  • Ethical business deals
  • Transparency
  • Attractive Prices with technical superior products
  • Huge distribution network

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