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Eco-friendly Sisal Doormats in Dubai

Being the leading manufacturer and supplier of doormats, we have introduced a new product line of Sisal Doormats in Dubai. These doormats are made from the naturally extracted spiny leaves of Agave plants. Due to the natural composition, our collection of Sisal Doormats in Abu Dhabi is eco-friendly and recyclable. Beside this feature, our range does not lack aesthetic details, you can see the attractive and elegant look of our Sisal Doormats online 

Durable and appealing Sisal Doormats in Abu Dhabi

Our Sisal Doormats in Dubai are highly durable perfect to be used in heavy traffic areas. In higher end homes, these doormats add a very stylish look when placed over hardwood and are also used as area rugs. You can buy Sisal Doormats online through our e-store or visit our showroom as well.

If you are one of those people who want environmentally friendly alternative items for your home then we recommend you to browse our collection of Sisal Doormats online. Many of our customers prefer Sisal Doormats in Abu Dhabi due to their earthy tones and hypoallergenic features. Our Sisal Doormats in Dubai are highly durable and tend to hide dirt/stains as well.

Maintenance of Sisal Doormats in Dubai

Sisal Doormats in Dubai require low maintenance and are the great choice in comparison to other natural fiber mats. They have naturally inherited stain resistant quality, meaning the stain will not spread nor leave a slight mark after being washed. Although, Sisal Doormats in Abu Dhabi do not accumulate much dust and dirt but if you need to get rid of any dirt, you can simply vacuum it. However, if you need more information regarding the cleaning or maintenance of Sisal Doormats in Dubai, you can see our guide for Sisal Doormats online. Also, you can buy Sisal Doormats online through our website as well.

Customized Sisal Doormats in Dubai

Although, we keep a wide selection of Sisal Doormats in Abu Dhabi in variety of designs and color options. But if you want something unique and personalized, we can get it made as well. Just tell us your requirements and we will design it as per your desired size and shape. The best part is that we don’t charge extra money for bespoke services. You can also check some of our previously designed customized Sisal Doormats online

Other properties of Sisal Doormats 

  • Many people buy Sisal Doormats online for their sound absorbing qualities.
  • They are also fire proof, making them a safe option for your home.
  • The material sisal is naturally anti-static, so Sisal Doormats in Dubai repel static electricity.
  • Sisal is spun from natural plant fibers that are harvested several times in a year and do not harm the environment in any way, that’s why our Sisal Doormats in Dubai are at the top of eco-friendly products.
  • All in all, the durability and chic looks have made our collection of Sisal Doormats in Abu Dhabi suitable for nearly any environment.

For more information you can browse our Sisal Doormats online or call us at the below given details;

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